Do you get excited by new ideas and projects?
But soon feel overwhelmed and not sure which projects will lead to success?

As busy entrepreneurs it is easy to jump into things hoping for a big payoff, but when we have too much on the go it's hard to focus to completion.

  • Would you like to have a rock solid way to KNOW which endeavors truly deserve your time and energy?
  • Want to reclaim your vitality and maximize productivity with the energy recovery strategy!

How this training came to be...
For the past few years, I've been working on a project that I KNEW was important, yet everything else seemed more urgent. Despite what I know about focus and clearing blocks, I did everything else but what it takes to get my book on Amazon.

Here is what I discovered... Our unconscious mind holds on to every project, goal, commitment we ever started.  ALL those tasks are pending and waiting to be worked on.  This means it's hard to know which projects will lead to success. 

The unconscious creates a procrastinating mindset which keeps our BIG "project" waiting in the wings .... and sadly we never get to the pride of accomplishment.

Let me guide you to shed time-wasting tasks and identifying those that will lead you to success.

That's why I created the
Project Renewal Process

A quick and easy strategy to recover your passion and energy by dumping time wasting projects so you can FOCUS.

With this video training you will:

  • Declutter your draining projects
  • Identify the worth-while projects
  • Replenish your energy and prevent burnout
  •  Know the 4 questions to ask yourself before jumping into a project

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Aryana K. Rollins

Meet Your Guide: 

Since 2005, she's taught entrepreneurs and creatives how to accomplish their goals through a step-by-step manifesting system. They have big passionate plans but need help with being overwhelmed by bright shiny objects and requiring more focus. Even though they set aside time to grow their business but their mindset or demands of life distract them. They think that the issue is another marketing program or some quick fix. She guides them to access their higher mind, which brings their unique expression, authenticity, and presence to their work, so the right clients FIND them, and income increases.

Aryana’s particular skill is guiding you to:

  • Tapping into success memories and patterns
  • Transform unconscious self-defeating habits into success habits
  • Get unstuck and be an unstoppable force for good
  • Move boldly into the future you want to create

"I am not as exhausted after doing work... My health has improved. "

"I am doing projects which have been dormant for months. My health has improved. I am not as exhausted after doing work which I know is important. I am receiving guidance in my therapeutic work from my higher true self which has been priceless. I smile more!"

Martha Waldvogel  //  Harpist Performer & Therapy

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