What would you accomplish if
your success was guaranteed?

Think about it.

What would be possible if you could...

  • Access your True Self to create opportunities and increased good luck
  • Work with your personal values to empower your manifesting abilities
  • Feel peaceful and present in just 5 minutes a day.
  • Neutralize the negativity the ego uses to keep you small

Watch the video to get a behind-the-scenes 

look at what you will get in this live training.

This course will fill you with hope AND give you a 

step-by-step method to 

create a new reality that inspires you.

Over 100,000 people have used these scientifically proven methods to succeed and improve their well-being.

Now it's your turn!

What else is included in this FREE training?

Free Bonus: How to Manifest Your Intentions Without Force or Frustration

  • A Wish List worksheet that inspires your unconscious to help get things done for you!
  • Guided meditation to reconnect with your Higher Self
  • Get a sample of my book, Manifesting Guide for Intuitive people
  • Downloadable PDF exercise to make things happen with ease
Group Coaching

Free Bonus: Live Group Coaching

This is where the transformation can happen. We all gather together and with loving energy I guide you through whatever is standing in your way.

Break through resistance and get the personal support you need to move your life forward.

Aryana Rollins

Prize available: Private Coaching Session (Value $200)

I will select one person who has been engaged and completed the exercises to win a Private Coaching session.
For many participants their private session is the highlight of the course.  It will be so valuable to you as I support you to resolve blockers AND gain clarity.

You can ask any question and benefit from my 15 years of experience teaching these courses.

Free The Powerful You
Next live program starting October 11th, 2021

Enjoy the replays until then.

10 am - 11 am Pacific / 11 am Mountain / 12 pm Central / 1 pm Eastern

True Self and Values Alignment: Monday, Oct. 19th, 2020 Replay Available
The Breakthrough Experience:
Monday, Oct. 26th, 2020 Replay Available 
Manifesting Question & Answer and Next Step:  
Saturday, Oct. 31st, 2020 Replay Available

All lessons now available as replays in the learning center.

Rave Reviews

Bill Mueller a busy professional copy writer increased his income by over 50% and feels inexplicable joy on a daily basis.

Listen to his story below.

Rayana Starre an Internet Marketing Consultant

shares her success in getting things done with less effort!

"All my life I've had to work hard to achieve my goals.  And, even though I've been successful, it seemed like I put a lot of effort out for little results.  It was so frustrating to see other people succeed with less effort and better results.

I wished for the longest time for life and success to come more easily.

Then I met Aryana Rollins and started working with her one-on-one learning to use this process.

I was amazed at how easy and effortless things started to happen for me.  I wasn't even trying and things started to shift.  Success was finally easy."


If you've been curious about taking one of our courses, 

this is a great opportunity to experience what it is like.... for FREE.

All I ask is that you participate and if you get value, spread the joy forward.

Meet Your Guide:  Aryana K. Rollins

Since 2005 Aryana has been teaching people just like you how to align with their True Self and reclaim their personal manifesting power. To add to that, she's studied human development for more than 40 years (yes since she was a teen).  As a result she brings you the best in personal transformation.

Aryana's special skill is guiding you to:

-  Get unstuck and be unstoppable

-  Move boldly into the future you want to create

-  Align with your True Self desires so manifesting becomes natural and easy

-  Feel free of the critical mind and self-doubt 

Set Free the Powerful YOU mini-course is a Live training.

I promise to deliver high value and give you processes

you can use again and again to accomplish your intentions.

 © 2020, Aryana K Rollins | Higher True Self