New Year's Day Free Training Reveals...

How to Prepare for 2020
Resolution Rescue :
New Year - No Limits

Here's What You'll Learn :

  • How to Celebrate Your Big and Mini Successes in 2019
  • How to Release Experiences From 2019 that Might Limit Your Joy, Passion and Success in 2020
  • A Way to Create Empowering Intentions for 2020 that Inspires Your Unconscious to Manifest it for YOU

Your Host:

Aryana K. Rollins

Certified C.T. Facilitator

Webinar Date:



8:00 am Pacific

10:00 am Central

11:00 am Eastern

Let's enter 2020 together with powerful life changing intentions!

This Free New Year's Day Training Reveals

Problem : 
Traditional New Year's Resolutions Generally Fail

When we set intentions and consistently "fail" we tend to give up or try to force the outcome

Solution : 
Celebrate Successes & Let Go of Disappointments 2019

Discover how celebrating and releasing 2019 makes your manifesting energies available for the New Year.

Result : 
Manifest Your Intentions in 2020 With Ease and Grace

Set Powerful intentions for 2020 and bring your creative potential and intentions into physical reality.

If traditional resolutions haven't created the change you want,

join us for this New Year's Day FREE Training!

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