Mentoring with Aryana K. Rollins

1-on-1 Support, Manifesting Guidance & Spiritual Life Coaching

How I help ambitious compassionate entrepreneurs...

  • Rewire your brain to be more efficient, effective, and happy
  • Work with your unconscious mind to get things done in a harmonious manner
  • Use strategic manifesting to accomplish your goals so you feel peaceful and present 
  • Use a daily 10 minute practice to bring your most successful ideas and dreams to life
  • Create success habits from disappointments or failures
  • See past the noise and reconnect to your intuitive guidance
  • Create a new identity that helps you live to your potential
  • Shield yourself from the world's negativity and doubt so you stay on track
  • Feel happier and more comfortable in who you are
  • Recognize the critical mind and become less hard on yourself

Gain clarity & take action on your
most important goals!

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With over 18 years of expertise, I am a coach, mentor, and author. My passion is to guide solopreneurs toward building businesses that resonate with their values and vision. They learn how to attract their ideal clients, accomplish their entrepreneurial objectives, and create better health and well-being. We do that by harnessing the potential of their unconscious mind through techniques like meditation, my manifesting methodology, and Cybernetic Transposition.

We may be a perfect fit to work together...

  • You are tired of working alone and want support
  • You have a big dream and hesitate in taking action
  • You haven't felt seen or your challenges truly understood 
  • You're curious about manifesting and wonder if it would work for you
  • You want a methodology you can follow to make lasting changes
  • You are open to spirituality and want a holistic approach
  • You're a sensitive person who has been beaten up by the world
  • You have come across Cybernetic Transposition and want to understand more

Rave Reviews

Session 3
Vanessa L. Pozzi

Holistic Health Coach

"Aryana was a beacon of hope"

“When I think of my experience working with Aryana, I’m overwhelmed by the intense sense of gratitude that I feel. Aryana was truly a beacon of hope at a time when I was lost and confused. In working with her, I went from not knowing who I was meant to serve as a Holistic Nutrition Coach or how I was meant to serve them to having a clear intention and mission for my practice.

I learned how to intelligently and eloquently speak from my heart about what I do, as well as how to connect more deeply with a person’s need so I can meet that need more effectively. Aryana is a highly intuitive, nurturing and supportive coach, and she is a genuine expert in guiding you through the process of breaking through the barriers that keep you stuck. If it wasn’t for Aryana’s coaching, I’m quite convinced that I would have given up coaching – and thus given up on my dreams and on all the people whose lives I’m meant to heal. So I thank Aryana, not only from my heart, but from the heart of my clients and future clients."


Financial Advisor

"Best intuitive guidance coach"

"Aryana is absolutely the best intuitive guidance coach I have ever come across. With her help I defined one of my most debilitating habits and cleared the underlying Cell-level Memory within 7 days to the full 100% level, as rated by my True Self. This has already shown immediate results in my daily life and I finally feel I am equipped to have a better control over my own future."

Toni Valenzuela

Young Living Distributor

"Had an astounding effect on me"

"I am very proud to share I met my objective with the ease and confidence I wanted. It was almost so easy and effortless I feel like it wasn't a worthy objective. But seeing as how in my 4 years with Young Living, I had only enrolled 6 members within the 1st year, then nothing. I doubled that over the last 6-8 weeks. The results of completed processes have had an astounding effect on me. I am so much more aware myself and others (primarily my children)."

How Private Mentoring Works


  • Bi-Weekly 50-Minute Coaching Sessions
  • Personalized Curriculum Just for You
  • Guides, Meditations, and Exercises as needed
  • WhatsApp Support

Personalized coaching packages are available depending on your requirements and how much support you would like to receive.

Working with me starts
from $500 a month

Bill Mueller

Copywriter and Online Educator 

"I really feel the sky’s the limit."

“I’ve been feeling almost an inexplicable joy throughout the day, and it’s been fueling my effort that’s allowed me to get a lot more done and none of it feels like drudgery.   

I can see now how doing the clearing processes really does let my True-Self come through and as result I am accomplishing a lot more.  I should also tell you that I’m having my best month ever in terms of income. 

We aren’t even at the end of the month yet and I’ve already beaten my best month by a long shot.  I made about 55% more this month than in any other previous month and that’s a pretty big deal for me. Now that I’m learning the processes with your help, I really feel the sky’s the limit. So anyway, I just wanted to let you know all this really worked and I really appreciate it.  

Thanks again.” 


Business Owner

"I overcame procrastination!"

"I had a problem with procrastination for over ten years, and it had gotten worse. Most jobs around the house I would leave for months. Simple things like making a phone call or getting my car fixed I would easily put off. I would make an excuse or find something else to do instead.

Since working with Aryana (doing the Past Perception Revision process) on my procrastination, I don't do it anymore. I am constantly doing what I need to do on an ongoing basis, effortlessly with zero drama.

I am at peace when I do things, and I am fully committed to doing a good job and in no big hurry unless necessary. Part of the process was choosing all that as part of the desired outcome and re-tasking the cause/blocker to work for me instead of driving the unwanted behaviour.

It's very empowering."

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