Unleash the Manifesting
Power of Your
 Higher True Self

with Aryana K. Rollins

You may have heard insightful guidance from wise people like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Abraham Hicks, Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, and Stuart Lichtman but...

Are you in action?

We believe this proverb guides you to make tremendous changes in your life.

When you pray,

move your feet.

African proverb

Are you frustrated with your results?

This clue will save you loads of time...

"Make sure you are aligned BEFORE taking action."

What is alignment? 

It's when your inner thoughts and feelings match your goal.

But wait, you might say. "What happens if I have doubts about myself or what I want in life?"

You will be stopped. Maybe not today, but you will be blocked from success.  

What sets my work apart from others is that we work on your ALIGNMENT first and then you take the right action at just the right time.

You save so much time AND feel great about your progress as you celebrate the small wins along the way that will lead to even BIGGER wins.

Aryana's mentoring is a way to manifest what is right for you where your thoughts become reality and where you become aligned with yourself to live a free, happy, and balanced life.

Are you getting stuck between
awareness and action?

These are the most common things that stop people from taking action.

  • They don't know what the right action is and don't want to mess it up, so they don't do anything!
  • They lack True Self confidence that they can truly manifest the next level of their success.
  • Dreaming of something that would give their life joy and meaning is too much for their comfort zone and triggers self-sabotage.
  • Affirmations only go so far, when they dream big, they get blocked because their sense of self doesn't match their dream.
  • They may have studied the right thing and have all the intellectual knowledge but when it comes to the reality of doing it, they don't feel capable.
  • They feel they have hit a ceiling and don't want to waste more time and energy - better to stay put. "It's good enough!"  
  • Some stop and pull back while others push through, but not from alignment, and end up hurting their relationships or their health.
  • Then others are like a Bull in a China shop - take any action and ram through, not getting the results they intend.

The FIRST KEY to easy manifesting is to start with inspired action. Then results come effortlessly.

The SECOND KEY is to maintain your momentum,
 which overcomes doubt and keeps your manifesting fuel going. 

Click the video below for a short personal story about overcoming doubt.

When you are in the manifesting mindset, 
you see only opportunities and not obstacles!

Here’s What You Can Achieve
From Private Mentoring

Break Free from the Mindset that Blocks Your Success

Unleash Your Manifesting Power & Rise Above the Rest

Tap into Your Dreams & Create a Future that Inspires You!

Gain Clarity and Purpose for What Will Truly Fulfill You

The Benefits of Private Mentoring
with Aryana 

  • A guide who KNOWS the steps to get you where you want to go
  • A mentor who has walked the manifesting path many times, overcoming extreme obstacles.  I bring my vast life experiences to guide you in your unique situation
  • Get clarity on the next step and tools to cause it to happen
  • Improve your relationships from a place of authenticity
  • Make more income at what you love doing
  • Release obligations that are wearing you down
  • Get out of relationships that drain your energy and attract people who love and uplift you
  • Bring your authentic voice to your work
  • Find a way forward when you can't imagine getting there

Even if you think it is impossible like Helle did,
see what she manifested.

"The Only Thing That Can Stop You is You!"

“I spent fourteen frustrating months looking for a job in North America that would give me a work visa, no matter what I did, nothing changed. I needed help! 

I then found Aryana. With her coaching, I achieved my first perfect-10 level objective, getting my ideal job offer after only 7 weeks! I was ecstatic.  

Aryana showed me that the only thing that can stop you is you. 

If you allow Aryana to show you the way and if you do the work required, you WILL get the results you are looking for. I trust her implicitly and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Choosing to work with Aryana is the smartest thing I’ve ever done. “ 

Helle Gylling

Optimal EFT Counselor &
Professional Astrologer

Here's what people say
about Private Mentoring

Session 3
Bill Mueller

Copy Writer and Online Educator 

"I really feel the sky’s the limit."

“I’ve been feeling almost an inexplicable joy throughout the day, and it’s been fueling my effort that’s allowed me to get a lot more done and none of it feels like drudgery.   

I can see now how doing the clearing processes really does let my True-Self come through and as result I am accomplishing a lot more.  I should also tell you that I’m having my best month ever in terms of income. 

We aren’t even at the end of the month yet and I’ve already beaten my best month by a long shot.  I made about 55% more this month than in any other previous month and that’s a pretty big deal for me. Now that I’m learning the processes with your help, I really feel the sky’s the limit. So anyway, I just wanted to let you know all this really worked and I really appreciate it.  

Thanks again.” 


Business Owner

"I overcame procrastination!"

"I had a problem with procrastination for over ten years, and it had gotten worse. Most jobs around the house I would leave for months. Simple things like making a phone call or getting my car fixed I would easily put off. I would make an excuse or find something else to do instead.

Since working with Aryana (doing the Past Perception Revision process) on my procrastination, I don't do it anymore. I am constantly doing what I need to do on an ongoing basis, effortlessly with zero drama.

I am at peace when I do things, and I am fully committed to doing a good job and in no big hurry unless necessary. Part of the process was choosing all that as part of the desired outcome and re-tasking the cause/blocker to work for me instead of driving the unwanted behaviour.

It's very empowering."

What to Expect in a Mentoring Session


Personalized Support

No cookie-cutter approaches!  Together we will create a personalized curriculum that helps you manifest your deepest desires and feel good along the way.


Access to Transformational Tools

You get immediate access to 'get it done' programs, which give you step-by-step guidance to clear blocks, gain clarity on your next steps, and most importantly, manifest your desires.


Powerful Breakthrough Meditations

Meditation is an effective tool to gain focus and clarity. You will have access to meditations such as Create an Inspiring Future, True Self Grounding, Get Better Sleep and more.


Live Online Courses

Go at your own pace with free access to any program I am currently offering AND home study access to my library of courses.

Your Commitments to
Private Mentoring

  • Turning up and not canceling even if you didn't do the assignment
  • Making best effort to do the work
  • Tell the truth of where you are right now and what you want
  • Celebrate your growth and not only the outcomes
  • Be gentle with yourself
  • Recognize your resistance will come up
  • Willing to do things differently

Is Private Mentoring right for you?

  • If you want to fast track your results
  • If you have had at least one meaningful success in your life 
  • If you have tried other approaches that haven't maintained your results
  • If you have a pattern of being inspired and then get stuck again
  • If you feel weighed down by worry and aren't solving your biggest issue 
  • If you want joy, grace and ease in your work AND life

If so, then let's explore what's possible for you.

Hi, I'm Aryana K Rollins

I've been a Certified Cybernetics Transposition Facilitator since 2005. I've helped thousands reach their goals by clearing blocks from their unconscious mind. I love working with entrepreneurs to utilize their intuition to build businesses that will make a lasting impact on the world.

My Special Skill is Guiding People to:

  • Make quick progress in their unique situation, faster than they can do on their own
  • Get unstuck and become an unstoppable force for good
  • Accomplish goals with grace and ease
  • Reorient your life from True Self alignment
  • Tap into your intuition to really know what's right and what's not

You can Build Your Dream Life!

Mentoring Options

One-Off Mentoring Session 

One Private Coaching Session

  • To get your Clarity and to be in Action
  • Immediate Start
  • You Already Have Taken a Program or are Familiar with Cybernetic Transposition 
All Access
VIP Mentoring

Coaching, Programs, and Materials to Set You Up for Success

  • Bonus Deep Dive to Prepare for Success
  • Personalized Curriculum with Access to ALL my Courses and Materials as Needed.
  • 6 Months of Support and 12 Private Sessions with Me
  • WhatsApp Access Between Sessions
  • First Access to my Latest Teachings
  • Access to Private Facebook Group 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a blocker?

Is it hard to clear blockers?

Are there people who don't succeed with this work?

What is Cybernetic Transposition?

Upcoming Group Programs

VIP Clients can get FREE access to these live courses while we are working together.

Power to Focus - Enrolling June 2022

Mindful Manifesting Program - Enrolling August 2022

Highest Potential Program - Enrolling January 2023

Power of True Self - Enrolling March 2023

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