Do negative thoughts drain your enthusiasm?

Do you feel frustrated because
you're not getting the results you want?

Does it seem like no matter how hard you work
it's never enough?

Would you like to manifest

 more good things in your life?

If so, watch this video to help you transform
and shift how you manifest.

If anything I've shared with you resonates I invite you to join us to permanently remove blocks to manifesting 

Program Starts August 11th 2020
 at 11am to 12:30 pm Pacific
/ 1 pm Central / 2 pm Eastern / 7 pm British Time

What You'll Get:

1 - Live Orientation - Prepare for Change

4 - Video Recordings to Watch as you Desire

3 - Live Group Coaching Sessions

1 - 30-Minute Private Coaching Session

Live Orientation - Prepare for Change

August 11th at 11 - 12:30PM Pacific / 1PM Central / 2PM Eastern


Session 1:  Desire Drives Achievement

You will learn how to reignite the power of hopes and beliefs to fuel your desires and dreams of today. This simple step will empower you to ask for and receive what you truly need and desire.


Session 2:  Make Your Unconscious Mind an Ally

In this session, you’ll learn how to use speak directly with your Higher Self as a powerful ally to focus your unconscious mind on manifesting your very desirable short-term objectives.


Session 3: Turn Contradiction and Conflict into Momentum

In this session, you’ll learn how to read body sensations to discover blockers to you are able to clear a confusing BLOCKER pattern that intermingles success and failure.


Session 4: Accelerate your Progress and Next Steps

In our final session, you learn the art of celebration as a manifesting tool.  You'll learn how to accelerate your progress by providing feedback to your unconscious, thanking it for it's support and encouraging it to work even harder for you. 

 Your 2020 Summer School Bonuses

  •    3 - Group Coaching Sessions (value $750)
  •    Bring Your Live in Relationship Partner for Free (value $697)
  •   1- Private Coaching Session with Aryana (value $125)
  •   Manifesting Guide for Intuitive People (value $27)
  •   De-Stress and Revitalize Yourself Meditation (value $27) 
  •   True-Self Grounding Meditation (value $7)
Aryana Rollins

Your Guide - Aryana K. Rollins

Since 2005 Aryana has been teaching people just like you how to reclaim their self-worth and personal manifesting power.  To add to that, she's studied human development for more than 40 years (yes since she was a teen).  As a result she brings you the best in personal transformation.

Aryana's special skill is guiding you to:

-  Get unstuck and be unstoppable

-  Move boldly into the future  you want to create

-  Getting what they want becomes natural and easy

-  Feel free of self-doubt and excited about your future

I look forward to guiding you on your journey to self-discovery, liberation, and empowerment.

Your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If after participating for 14 days you feel the program is not a fit for you and you have participated in the calls and done the assignments, you get a full refund.

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