The Manifesting Guide 

How to Work with Your True Self
to Realize your Dreams

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Every new creation comes into being with the support of others.  You've heard it takes a village to raise a child?  Well, this project was no different, it was divinely nurtured by several sovereign beings.


  • Preface 
  • Resource Section - Read BEFORE YOU START
  • Access Your Bonus Content
  •  Here’s your roadmap

Chapter 1:  Getting Started

  • Welcome to the Director’s Seat of Consciously Creating your Life! 
  • Two Important Mindset Shifts
  • Manifesting More than You Had Before Takes Energy
  • The True-Self is More Than You Being True to Yourself

Chapter 2:  Know What You Want

  • Not All Desires are Created Equal
  • What is Your True Desire?
  • Dream Deeper
  • About the Creative Process
  • If you Don’t Know What You Want
  • Connecting to Your Wishes

Chapter 3:  Emotions and their Role in Manifesting

  • Hope Floats Your Dreams
  • Finding Positive Emotions in the Face of Disappointment
  • What is the True-Self?
  • True-Self Grounding Steps

Chapter 4:  Value Your Wish List

  • How VALUEable is your Wish List
  • Intuitive Urges From Your True-Self Values and How They Work with True-Self
  • Manifesting is an Opportunity to Create a Life that is Truly Yours
  • Clarify Your Values
  • Values Chart 
  • Personal Value Discovery Exercise

Chapter 5:  Launch Your Rocket of Desire

Are you ready to see where your desire will take you?

In this chapter we cover:

  • The Important of Aligning Your Wishes with Your Values BEFORE You Launch it
  • How to Consciously Turn Your Wish into a Reality
  • Your Fantastic Future Awaits You 49 How to Create an Inspiring Future from a Past Success
  • Conscious Creation - the Seven Steps Gather Your Success Memories

Chapter 6:  Dare to Dream

  • Fear of Change Stops us From Daring to Dream
  • What Can You Expect When You Dare to Dream?
  • How Blockers Work
  • There’s Another Way
  • Respect Your Desires!

Chapter 7:  The Cost of Forcing Yourself

  • Let Your Heart Lead the Way and Your Head Will Follow
  • Being Inspired Makes You Unstoppable 
  • Recognizing Your Flow State Exercise 
  • Recovering Your Flow State 
  • Discerning When You are Truly
  • Connected to Your True-Self

Chapter 8:  What is Fear of Success Anyway?

  • There Are Many Types of Interference 
  • How to Recognize Common Blockers 
  • Where Do These Limiting Habits Come From?

Chapter 9:  Your Words are Your Wand

  • Let’s Talk About the Gap
  • Giving Constructive Feedback to Your Unconscious Mind 
  • How to Know if a “Veto” Blocker Has Been Activated 
  • Warning: Rejecting Your Feelings Prevents Positive Manifesting 
  • Listen to Your Body When it Talks to You 
  • Your Unconscious Mind is there to Support You! 
  • Ask and Your Unconscious Mind Will Deliver 
  • Your Unconscious Mind Contains Buried Treasure 
  • Program Your Unconscious Mind to Remember Your Successes 
  • Review Your Day Exercise

Chapter 10:  Make Your Wish

  • You’re Getting Closer to Your Wishes Coming True
  • Intuition and Your Unconscious Mind
  •  Using the Blocker Bypass to Remove Negativity

Chapter 11:  Memorize Your Wish into Reality

  • Believe You Can Do It! 
  • Make Your Unconscious Your Partner in Manifesting! 
  • Memorization Exercise

Chapter 12:  Daily Energizer Process for Staying on Track

  • Infuse Your Wish with Belief and Certainty to Make Your Wishes Come True 
  • Commit to the Daily Energizer Process 
  • Daily Energizer Process 
  • Gratitude is an Expression of Love 
  • Celebrate All Your Victories

Chapter 13:  Recognize Blockers Before They Take You Off Track

  • Don’t Give Sway to Blockers

Chapter 14: Liberate Yourself from Blockers

  • When Learning Isn’t Enough 
  • What We “Believe” We Deserve is What We Get - Plain and Simple 
  • Your Desire has your Name on it


True Self Grounding Process

Wish List Step 1 - Audio

Wish List Step 1 - Form

Wish List Step 2 - Form

Blocker Bypass Guide