From Intention to Reality

How to Manifest by Thought Alone

Free Live Masterclass Reveals How You Can:

  • Identify your biggest block to manifesting 
  • Resolve the blocks to attract fulfilling relationships 
  • Release unconscious programs that TRIGGER self-doubt
  • Experience clarity, enthusiasm, and certainty about your future
  • Set a life-changing goal and get your unconscious mind to create the reality you want

90-Minute Live Training:
December 15th 2021, or January 8th 2022

10am-11:30 Pacific | 11am Mountain | 12 pm Central | 1pm Eastern | 6pm British

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But first, what negative thoughts is

your unconscious using to create your experiences?

Do you long for authenticity in your relationships?

  • Do you long for a deeper, more meaningful connection in your relationships?
  • Would you like more support from your partner?
  • Would you like to transform negative patterns in your relationships and align in common purpose?

Do negative thoughts and worries drain your enthusiasm and drive?

  • Do anxious thoughts and worries wake you up at night?
  • Is stress taking a toll on your health?
  • Do you need more time for yourself?  

Does worry about your finances overwhelm you?

  • Are you working harder and longer hours and still feel like you're not advancing?
  • Would you like to get beyond survival mode?
  • Do you feel stuck in a rut and you can't break free?
  • Would you like to raise your financial performance limit?

 During this masterclass you will learn how to:

Create authentic, loving, supportive relationships.

 Create healthy boundaries so you get more time for rest, rejuvenation and recreation.

Work with your unconscious mind to manifest more financial security.

Would you like to direct your 
unconscious mind

to create positive manifestations?

Are you ready to claim your freedom from negative thinking and manifest your conscious desires?

You deserve to learn how to control your unconscious. 

Aryana Rollins

Your Guide:  Aryana K. Rollins  

Since 2005 I've been teaching people just like you how to reclaim their self-worth and personal manifesting power.  As a Licensed Cybernetic Transposition facilitator I help you connect with your Higher True Self so you can take positive, powerful action.  With my 40+ years of human development I seem to have a super power to recognize teachings that are valuable and truthful.

Aryana's special skill is guiding you to:

-  Transform unconscious sabotaging blocks into success habits 

-  Get unstuck and be unstoppable

-  Move boldly into the future you want to create

-  Getting what you want becomes natural and easy

-  Feel free of self-doubt and excited about your future

I look forward to guiding you on your journey to self-discovery, liberation, and empowerment.

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