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Practice leads to mastery.
Mastery leads to powerful results.

As a graduate of Highest Potential
You are invited to the Highest Potential Continuity

Quarterly Expert Talks

  • Get support to keep you on your True-Self path
  • Activate your manifesting skills
  • Group discussion and support
  • Q & A

Practice & Implementation

  • Receive guidance & coaching from Aryana
  • Group discussion and guidance
  • Q & A
  • Get your Objectives reviewed for clarity and accuracy by Aryana
  • Clear the blockers that take you off your True-Self path

Community Connection & Support  

  • Feel empowered by working with other CT Trained people
  • Access the power of a harmonized group
  • Private Facebook group 
  • Increase focus and productivity with an accountability buddy

Develop True-Self Leadership Abilities

  • Inspire family, friends, and community by example
  • Be a role model of presence, peace, & power
  • Collaborate & create with other Highest Potential members 
  • Share your work with guest speaking opportunities within our group 

Practice leads to mastery.
Mastery leads to desired results.

What's included in
Highest Potential Continuity?

Starting February 5th 2022
  • Monthly Integration Session
  • 30 Minute Private Coaching every 3 months 
  • Continued access to Highest Potential Learning Center
  • Quarterly Expert Talks

Remember how energized you felt
in the Highest Potential Program?

You Were Connected with Your Intentions,

You Were Making Positive Changes,

You Were Clearing Blockers that
interfere with your success.

Let's do it again together!

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