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Alumni Special Offer

Enroll in Success Essentials and you get full access to
Integration level which means you Save $1,749 

Here's What You'll Get

Alumni Special:

Maintain Your Momentum: 
Get the benefit of all you've learned and use 2022 to become masterful at dialoguing with True Self and accomplish your objectives with your Success Team.  You get my support for all of 2022 and your study buddy to keep you accountable. It is time to step into mastery of the processes as you can apply what you've learned.

Live Classes on Saturdays at 12 pm Central: 
Two live lessons a month, and each time I teach this program, it is upgraded so that you will get a "new" experience.

Empowering Community: 
As an Alumni you bring your personal experience and encouragement to new participants. This is a way to contribute your wisdom. This inspires you to step up and stay on track with your Objectives & clearing blockers. 

Master Invaluable Lifetime Skills: 
Once you learn to ride a bike, you never forget.  Imagine what is possible when your CT skills become second nature in your everyday life. You've invested in learning Cybernetic Transposition, now is the time to deepen your skills and apply them to this pivotal time on the planet.

Bonus: 4x Private Coaching Sessions with Aryana (Value $1000) - We start with preparing you for 2022 and set meaningful objectives for the year.

When you enroll in Success Essentials you get
11 Integration Sessions 
for Free!

+ 11 Integration Sessions (Savings $1,749): With the power of group dynamics, you have time to complete your assignments, get coaching support and connect with your creative inspiration.

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