Highest Potential

Successful Life Education

A science-based, heart-centered, repeatable system taught live over a transformational year. Make the real changes you desire in yourself and life.

Release unconscious patterns that keep you from manifesting the things you want.  From new perspectives you achieve alignment and gain energy to make your dreams come true - house, relationship,, job or whatever you envision.

Tap into the intuitive wisdom of your Higher Self, so you KNOW when to trust your thoughts and discern  negative patterns.

A Life-changing Program

12 Months of Breakthroughs

Students who lean forward and apply the approaches in their lives experience a 90% success rate in accomplishing what they want. The methods and techniques have been used for over 40 years, sourced from the structure of Cybernetic Transposition (CT) that was developed by an MIT engineer. Aryana translates the CT system into the real world with guidance, processes, steps and examples.

One of the core modules, “Align with True Self” is the culmination of Aryana’s personal experiences and student feedback when teaching manifesting. She discovered that manifesting successfully must be congruent with your values and who you really are. Learning to live free from shame and the expectations of others also sets you on a true self life path. When you show up authentically and are spiritually powerful in your life, you make the most fulfilling choices right for you and everyone else involved. And the world positively responds.

Aryana has been teaching Highest Potential for over 16 years and has vast experience working with people to break through to what is important to them. She helps students identify the pivotal area of their life where they keep experiencing pitfalls and struggles, so they can finally experience success and fulfillment.

Why Aryana created the Program

"Despite a successful career as an international project manager in Europe and South America and having a strong sense of spirituality, I lost my life direction from a controlling marriage, being a stay-at-home mother, and giving away my power.

In the midst of the divorce a friend gave me the eBook “How to Get Lots of Money for Anything Fast”. I was turned off by the title. In fact, it took me 3 months to read it. But in the first chapter, I knew this was my path to being stronger and more accepting and becoming the creator of my life.

My Highest Potential Successful Life Education program is the bridge between the “just do it” crowd, pushing to achieve one goal after the next, and the people who live a spiritual life and don’t value their worth and overly accommodate others. We must live in the physical world and make a living, but we can also be empowered by our authentic self to navigate life in ways that embody our values."

Aryana Rollins

What You Will Achieve
Throughout the Program

Make over your entire life

  • Transform Self-Defeating Habits into Success Habits
  • Set and Achieve 'Nearly' Impossible Goals!
  • Build an inner Success Team to Guide you to Accomplish your Larger Goals and Give you Day-to-Day Guidance
  • Reframe Past Mistakes to Unblock your Current Well-Being and Peace of Mind
  • Tap into the Creative Forces of Your True Self
  • Release Stress Saboteurs that Drain Your Enthusiasm & Energy
  • Feel Relaxed and Hopeful in just 5 Minutes
  • Tune into the Right Action in Right Timing to Optimize Your Success
  • Learn How to Communicate to Your Unconscious, so it Aligns with Your Highest Desires

What's included in the course?

You get personal guidance with live coaching in a group dynamic, taught step by step with exercises, meditations, and eBooks that you can use to build a successful life. You will always know which tool to use to move forward.

The Highest Potential Successful Life Education course has four modules - Mindful Manifesting, Align with True Self, Create a Success Mindset and Self-Mastery and Energetic Shielding - taught over one year in weekly Saturday classes online.

The methods in this program are comprehensive and unique and were inspired by an MIT engineer who studied how the human brain works and why humans don't follow through on their intentions.

Highest Potential is not entry level. Think of it like university training for successful living.

You will learn how your unconscious mind works. This education is about taking the spiritual and making it physical. It offers holistic transformational life coaching, which encompasses your entire life and all elements in it, not just your career, relationships or other individual factors as life coaching tends to do. Highest Potential is for your whole life. It’s for people who have studied and explored yet continue to come up short in their lives, tripping up instead of making progress, feeling frustrated and disappointed. It’s taught in an intimate group of about 30 people.

There’s plenty of time for your questions and to get personal support for your unique circumstances.

Year Long Support

Make constant changes to your life throughout the year long program.

22-Live Classes

The energy of the live teaching and Q & A opportunities give you a chance to apply it directly to your life to make transformational changes each week. 

24/7 Access to the Learning Center

You get comprehensive supporting documents, eBooks, guided audio exercises, and if you miss a class, the lesson is recorded and available in the learning center for you to come back to. 

Advanced Learning Resources

You can’t get these anywhere else! Once you have access to the course, these are yours to keep.

11 Implementation Sessions

This is where you will apply the tools and processes. By working on your assignments in a group, seeing practical examples and hearing answers to other’s questions, theory turns into ah ha’s.  

Expert Guest Speakers

Learn from the best, Aryana has hand-picked the greatest experts that help guide and transform you throughout this course. Their fields include Human Design, Astrology, Authors and more.

Study Buddy

Each person is matched with an accountability partner to help them progress through the course, share experiences, and provide support. You are not alone. 

Private Facebook Community

Ask any questions at any time and receive support from the group and Aryana.

It Begins with Your Commitment to Yourself

Highest Potential requires courage to look at yourself and your life in new ways. You will be learning to free blocks that were born of hurts, disappointments and regrets, so they don’t continue to influence your life. You will engage in an emotional process of release and connection to your authenticity. Some of the assignments will be easier than others, based on your unique past and current circumstances. It will be important for you to carve out quiet time that’s safe from interruptions and distractions. Be prepared to spend on average 4 - 8 hours a week between assignments, class and study buddy time. There are one-week breaks between modules.

Highest Potential Transforms Lives!

Highest Potential offers a proven path to transform yourself and your life. You can be the butterfly emerging from the cocoon of your current life. Finding the way back home to yourself yields incredible gifts that keep on giving. Learning how to engage your unconscious to work on your behalf to manifest is a miracle. Finally turning your intentions into reality yields joy and satisfaction. Think highly enough of yourself to enroll and start on a new, more rewarding life path. 

The Modules to Success

Discover each module and what you will learn


Click to see what's in module 1

Module 1: Mindful Manifesting Program

In this module, you discover the limitations you’re experiencing right now are sourced from negativity that lives in your mind.

To get you jump started into confidence and optimism, you’ll create an unconscious Success Mindset that is built upon your past ‘successful moments’ and resolve the anguish of past ‘ disappointments’. When you become empowered from the inside out you are able to achieve your bigger intentions.


Click to see what's in module 2

Module 2: Align with your True Self

In this module, you establish a working relationship with your conscious mind and True Self giving you access to infinite intelligence. This level of integration is essential to achieve your bigger intentions.  When you trust this intuitive guidance, it makes achieving a breeze.  

This state of mind guides you in your day-to-day actions and choices to manifest what you desire, that is unless there is unconscious resistance. Clearing that resistance is what you’ll learn in this module.


Click to see what's in module 3

Module 3: Create a Success Mindset

In this module, you discover the limitations you’re experiencing right now are sourced from negativity that lives in your mind.

To get you jump started into confidence and optimism, you’ll create an unconscious Success Mindset that is built upon your past ‘successful moments’ and resolve the anguish of past ‘ disappointments’. When you become empowered from the inside out you are able to achieve your bigger intentions.


Click to see what's in module 4

Module 4: Self Mastery & Energetic Shielding

In this module, you’ll learn advanced techniques for clearing Cellular Level Memory, the most life-sucking inner resistance of all. Cell-Level Memories have controlled the choices of your entire life – relationship partners, career, health, your mental and emotional well-being, and even your self-esteem.

These types of blockers are so deeply rooted that they have negatively impacted your entire family line and previous generations.  They are invisible to you.  You’ll also learn how to shield yourself from manipulation and negativity.

Previous Participants Breakthroughs

Christian Doe


Highest Potential 2020

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Barbara Lane

Art Director

Highest Potential 19 & 20

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These 3 testimonials are just after you’ve introduced the teacher/ instructor, so they should focus on how great the course teacher is and why they are worth trusting.

Marie Jones

Marketing Specialist

Align with True Self Course

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These 3 testimonials are just after you’ve introduced the teacher/ instructor, so they should focus on how great the course teacher is and why they are worth trusting.

Your Guide - Aryana K Rollins

Her unique step-by-step approaches use spiritual and science-based tools for self-leadership that have helped hundreds of heart-centered leaders, experts, coaches and authors create successful lives. If you'd like to explore new ways to accomplish your goals, the Highest Potential Program for you.

Aryana has been a Certified Cybernetics Transposition Facilitator since 2005 and has studied human development for more than 40 years. She has been teaching people just like you how to reclaim their self-worth and personal manifesting power by bringing the best in personal transformation for practical living.

 Aryana's special skill is guiding you to:

  • Get unstuck and be unstoppable

  • Be confident to move boldly into the future you want to create

  • Get what you want naturally and easily and be excited about it

  • Feel free of self-doubt

  • Uplevel your joy in living each day

“I look forward to sharing my knowledge, True Self Alignment and Cybernetics Transposition processes with practical approaches to put you on an amazing journey of self-discovery, liberation and empowerment. I’m proud of the results my students have achieved in the Highest Potential and hope you will join me to get your own amazing results!”


What is this education like?

If you have resonated with the work of Eckhardt Tolle, Byron Katie, Dr Joe Dispenza, or even Tony Robbins, Aryana’s work has similarities. Her work is psycho-spiritual and gives you a step-by-step system to apply the work of these phenomenal masters in practical ways into your life.

It is possible to achieve your goals without force or pressure while staying on your spiritual path.  One client said, “your work is a merging of Eckhardt Tolle and Tony Robbins.”

Is this the law of attraction?

Yes and no. Law of attraction teaches you to how to visualize. While visualization is important, sadly many people have blocks to receiving. What sets Highest Potential apart is that it also teaches how to clear blocks that prevent manifesting. Further, it recognizes you need to live in the real world, make decisions and make a living.

Highest Potential does not create magical thinking that may be an unfortunate interpretation of the teachings on law of attraction.

Is this related to a specific religious path?

Not at all, but you may notice a similarity to Buddhism in the way you learn how to recognize when you are taken off track. By applying Highest Potential, you will live life from a centered and peaceful place.  It is from this place you can create positive outcomes for yourself and the world.

How do I know if Highest Potential
is right for me?

You are a perfect fit if: 

  • You’ve read “How to Get Lots of Money for Anything Fast” but haven’t been able to translate that into real life success. (Don’t worry. Many of Aryana’s former students have read the book without experiencing success, which is why she designed Highest Potential with practical approaches that work.)
  • You’ve always had intentions to do this, that or the other but haven’t been able to follow through or achieve them to your satisfaction.
  • Goal setting programs helped you a little, but then real life got in the way.
  • You’ve studied the “Course in Miracles” and want to tame your ego, so you can align with your True Self.
  • You meditate and want to learn how to manifest from thought alone.
  • You’re ready to claim the Director’s Chair of your life and create the positive outcomes you long for.
  • Something has significantly impacted your life recently. You’re freshly aware of how short life is and want to create your future aligned to who you are and what you desire. 
  • You need to become materially secure.
  • You’ve been on a personal development path for years and yet are dissatisfied with the changes you desire for yourself and life.
  •  You’re intuitive and want to learn how to accomplish your real-world goals.

Book a 10 minute clarity call with Aryana

If you are still unsure whether the Highest Potential Program is right for you,
book a call with Aryana to discuss your goals and needs.

Enrollment Options





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Aryana hand-holds you throughout the program for the quickest implementations in your unique situation.

With this level, you benefit from Aryana's custom coaching and guidance and benefit significantly as she intuits exactly what you need to do or not do to achieve the most success.



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100% Satisfaction Guarantee
for 30-Days

Experience Highest Potential for 30 days. If, after attending the live classes and working with the assignments, you feel the program isn't a fit, you will receive a full refund.

You’re being invited to participate in a one-of-a-kind program, based on the science of Cybernetics Transposition, the original and foundational True Self Alignment process, and the approaches to real life developed by Aryana to transform yourself and your life. The four module lessons combine to give you a powerful, proven roadmap to living joyfully and magnificently that you can’t find anywhere else.

You owe it to yourself
to enroll in Highest Potential

Aryana K Rollins | Higher True Self

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