Higher True Self - Life Change Training

What is Possible when You Activate your Highest Potential ...

to Become a Beacon of
Peace, Hope, & Joy? 

The world is ready for change!

The time is right to design a new future:

"There is power in numbers and there is power in unity."
 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Now is the time to master the Cybernetic Transposition tools:

  • Leverage creativity during a time of inactivity 
  • Put to use the Cybernetic Transposition processes you've learned
  • Practice to master your skills to apply them to your life

Become proficient at blocker clearings to:

  • Transform anxiety into peace
  • Overcome uncertainty
  • Clear frustration and stress

Take advantage of solitude and quiet time to:

  • Plan for a life you intend to experience
  • Stretch yourself and work on deeply meaningful objectives 
  • Create a hopeful future

This Opportunity is by Invitation Only

- You've read how to Make Money for Anything Fast

- You have completed one of the following: 

  • Highest Potential Program 
  • Fast Money Book 101 Program  
  • Breaking Through Barriers Program
  • Super Achiever Coaching Program  
  • 6-Months of Private Coaching with Aryana

- You have had one meaningful success with the material

Activate the Cybernetic Tools you've learned...

and open the door to a new inspiring future.

Practice leads to mastery.

Mastery leads to desired results.

Highest Potential Continuity Features

Monthly Group Meetings 

  • Receive guidance & coaching from Aryana
  • Activate your manifesting skills
  • Group discussion and guidance
  • Q & A

Practice & Implement

  • Access Highest Potential course material
  • Get your Objectives reviewed for clarity and accuracy by Aryana
  • Clear the blockers that take you off your True-Self path

Community Connection & Support  

  • Feel empowered by working with other CT Trained people
  • Access the power of a harmonized group
  • Private Facebook group 
  • Increase focus and productivity with an accountability buddy

Develop True-Self Leadership  Abilities

  • Inspire family, friends and community by example
  • Be a role model of presence, peace, & power
  • Collaborate & create with other Highest Potential members 
  • Share your work with guest speaking opportunities within our group 

Become a Member and Lock in the
Lifetime Discounted Rate

We Meet on Saturday

10am Pacific | 12pm Central | 1pm Eastern | 6pm British

What Highest Potential Alumni are saying:

Bring out your Hidden Skills and Talents ...

“I’ve been feeling almost an inexplicable joy throughout the day and it’s been fueling my effort that’s allowed me to get a lot more done and none of it feels like drudgery.   

I can see now how doing the clearing processes really does let my True-Self come through and as result I am accomplishing a lot more.  I should also tell you that I’m having my best month ever in terms of income. 

We aren’t even at the end of the month yet and I’ve already beaten my best month by a long shot.  I made about 55% more this month than in any other previous month and that’s a pretty big deal for me.  Now that I’m learning the processes with your help I really feel the sky’s the limit.  So anyway I just wanted to let you know all this really worked and I really appreciate it.  Thanks again.” 

Bill Mueller  //  Entrepreneur

I am now self employed ...

I started working with Aryana about a year ago and have both done private calls and taken several of her programs.

Since starting this process of Self Revolution I have seen many things changing for the better in my life.  I have higher self esteem.  I am now self employed and generally things are flowing in my day to day experience. With the help from Aryana I have also cleared some deeply rooted memories and past traumas.

When it comes to manifestations, at first I was really skeptical if this would work or not with the objective that I set for myself. Now It is really fun to see that it actually works and my recent manifestation objective, in fact, did manifest on point!! How cool!!?

Anyone considering working with Aryana Rollins, I highly suggest giving it a go!

Rasmus Andersen //  Entrepreneur

Breakthrough in Concentration ...

I sought coaching because I had ordered Stuart Lichtman’s Anything Fast program a couple of years ago but ended up putting it aside.  Nevertheless, I still knew that it had great value if I would just dive in deeper.   


I received much greater clarity on the entire 3 step Cybernetic Transposition process, especially in the area of clearing blockers.  


I feel prepared not only to overcome obstacles in my business/professional life, but I feel like for the first time I can heal emotional blockers that have held me back my entire life. 


  • Completed a Memory Training Program I had worked on. 
  • Completed an entire auto responder series and a few articles for my new website 
  • Saved myself from spending $1500 on a course that wasn’t worth it 
  • Prevented from making a wrong decision to move for the wrong reasons. 
  • Achieved much greater clarity on recognizing and clearing blockers. 
  • Used the Cybernetic Transposition techniques to clear pain in my hands and wrists from my job. 
  • I feel much more inspired and confident with my writing. 
  • Achieved a breakthrough in time I am able to concentrate… never for more than an hour, but last Saturday I was able to sit and work on my writing for four hours!"

Jane Thompson  //  Entrepreneur

Remember how energized about life you felt
 in the Highest Potential Program?

You Felt Connected with Your Intentions,

You Were Making Positive Changes,

Achieving Objectives, and

Clearing Blockers. 

Let's do it again together!

Alumni rate only $97 a month.

Special bonus:  Every 3 months you receive a 30-minute private coaching session [value of $200]

You can also add a 30-minute monthly coaching session
for only $77 more!

Aryana K Rollins

Aryana K. Rollins  //  Higher Self Intuitive Guide and Mentor

Aryana has been a Certified Cybernetics Transposition Facilitator since 2005. She has a deep understanding and experience helping people clear blocks from their unconscious minds. She is also a business coach and Intuitive Guide who works with self-aware entrepreneurs who want to build businesses based on their higher values to impact on the world in a positive way.

Aryana's special skill is guiding you to:

-  Get unstuck and become an unstoppable force for good

-  Manifest a future that inspires you

-  Get what you want in a way that becomes natural and easy 

-  Feel free of negative emotions and self-doubt 


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