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  • Ever have moments when everything flows, and other days when everything gets in your way?
  • Do you get triggered by trivial things and then beat yourself up?
  • Do you accomplish a ton on certain days, but on others, find yourself slumped on the sofa?

I know as an entrepreneur it can be challenging 
to manage emotional ups and downs. 

What I discovered is that when we're aligned we aren't
prisoner of our feelings and habits.

What could you achieve if your goals matched your values and you were confident in your success?

I've discovered a simple yet powerful exercise to uncover your UNCONSCIOUS mind values.  

Your values are the motivating force behind
everything you are successful at.

When you align your goals with your values you can:

  • Create opportunities that are powerfully right for you
  • Maximize your manifesting power through value-driven efforts.
  • Feel peaceful and present in just 5 minutes  
  • Reclaim emotional control from negative thoughts and actions
  • Neutralize the ego's negativity that limits your potential. 

Watch the video to see what is inside Free the Powerful You!

Free the Powerful You will empower you to create opportunities that are Value aligned and will feel great.


These scientifically proven methods are based on Cybernetic Transposition used by over 100,000 people to succeed and improve their well-being.

Now it's your turn!

What else is included in this training?

Free Bonus: Kickstart Your Mindful Manifesting Journey

  • A Wish List worksheet that inspires your unconscious to help get things done for you!
  • Guided meditation to reconnect with your Higher Self.
  • Get a sample chapter of my book Mindful Achiever
  • Downloadable PDF exercise to make things happen with ease.
Group Coaching

Bonus:  Recorded Manifesting Mindset Q&A

This is where the transformation can happen. During our live Q & A you'll get personalized support in overcoming mindset blocks and breaking through inner resistance to achieve your goals from flow.

Free the Powerful You

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Lesson 1: True Self and Values Alignment 

Lesson 2: The Breakthrough Experience

Lesson 3: Manifesting & Mindset LIVE Q&A

Rave Reviews

Bill Mueller a busy professional copy writer increased his income by over 50% and feels inexplicable joy on a daily basis.

Listen to his story below.

Rayana Starre a Real Estate Coach & Internet Marketing Coach

shares her success in getting things done with less effort!

"All my life I've had to work hard to achieve my goals.  And, even though I've been successful, it seemed like I put a lot of effort out for little results.  It was so frustrating to see other people succeed with less effort and better results.

I wished for the longest time for life and success to come more easily.

Then I met Aryana Rollins and started working with her one-on-one learning to use this process.

I was amazed at how easy and effortless things started to happen for me.  I wasn't even trying and things started to shift.  Success was finally easy."

If you've been curious about working directly with your unconscious mind, this is a terrific opportunity to experience what it is like.... 

Meet Your Guide:  
Aryana K. Rollins
of Higher True Self-Life Change Training

Since 2005 Aryana K. Rollins has been an Intuitive Guide and Success Coach known for her expertise in facilitating personal and professional transformations. She guides entrepreneurs on a spiritual path to establish businesses that thrive and contribute positively to society.

Central to Aryana's methodology is strategic manifesting and systematic removal of unconscious barriers, a key element in fostering genuine and enduring success.

Aryana's authenticity is evident throughout her work, earning her international recognition as a Cybernetic Transposition facilitator since 2005. She has developed original programs such as the "Highest Potential Program," her podcast Mindful Manifesting, and her book "Mindful Achiever."

Aryana draws from a wealth of life experience, including a background in management consulting across Europe and South America. Her academic foundation includes a psychology degree from Rutgers, complemented by over 40 years of extensive knowledge in human development.

Aryana K. Rollins stands as a guiding force, directing individuals toward their highest potential through a harmonious integration of intuition, expertise, and unwavering dedication to the journey of self-discovery.

Free the Powerful YOU will give you hands-on, practical tools.
I guarantee valuable insights and repeatable processes to help you stay present, tapping into your strength to achieve your goals.