• Do you procrastinate and then rush to get things done?
  • Are you constantly busy but not doing the things that will bring meaning to your life? 
  • Does your creativity pull you in multiple directions?
  • When you feel fearful or worried is it hard to focus?

If so, then I invite you to
Tame the Dragon of Distraction 

90-Minute Training to empower you to:

Tame your Dragons of Distraction 

and Unlock the Power to Focus 

Get Instant Access to your Power to Focus 

Presented by
The Manifesting Guide - Aryana K Rollins

Why Should I Watch: So, you can uncover what is stopping you from getting your best work done and tap into your focus, so you get into ACTION now!


 June 29th - Live Training 
9AM Pacific | 10AM Mountain | 11AM Central | 12PM Eastern | 5PM UK

Give me 90-minutes and I will show the
4 Steps to Tame your Dragons of Distraction & How to
Unlock your Power to Focus.

Your host:  

Aryana K. Rollins has been a Certified Cybernetics Transposition Facilitator since 2005. She has a deep understanding and experience helping people clear blocks from their unconscious minds. She is also a business coach and Intuitive Guide who works with self-aware entrepreneurs who want to build businesses based on their higher values to impact on the world in a positive way.

Aryana's special skills are guiding you to:

-  Manifest a future that inspires you

-  Get what you want in a way that becomes natural and easy 

-  Feel free of negative emotions and self-doubt

-  Get unstuck and become an unstoppable force for good

Aryana Rollins

During this Free 90-Minute Training, you'll take away:

  • How to Recognize Your Dragons of Distraction
  • When you know your triggers, you start to gain power over them.

  • The Unconscious Benefits of Distraction
    Distraction is not always a bad thing. Sometimes distraction is productive because your creativity starts at the unconscious level. You don't always see something is getting done on the surface. But, sometimes it is a Dragon of Distraction taking you off track. Learn how to tell the difference. 

  • Four Steps to Tame Your Dragons of Distraction 
    We will go through a practical process for identifying your Dragons of Distraction and how to work through them to complete projects and achieve goals.  

  • Unlock The Power to Focus 
    The power to focus is a learned skill and you are going to get the most important key to get you started.

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