Do What You Love!

1: Do You Put Yourself Last?

Do you put yourself last?

Are you a nice person who believes that you have to put other's needs before your own?

Do you wait for others to join you before you'll take action - like going on vacation, or to the gym, or even taking a walk?  

​I love to be of service to my family, friends, and even people I meet in the grocery store.  It is just who I am....but I didn't realize that when I put other's needs first ALL the time the universe forgets me.  I doesn't even recognize that I exist, well not really, but it felt like that. 


Serving others while serving yourself is the sweet spot that we all need to get to. We are meant to be loving, joyful beings and that is so much easier when our needs are getting met and we are in joyful flow with what makes us happy.

It is kind and loving to think of other's but not at the expense of taking care of yourself.

But, what if you could do both and have everyone's needs satisfied?  Good news!  You can!

When you are in constant service to other people's wishes and desires it doesn't serve them or you because eventually it sabotages your ability to ability to manifest what YOU want and ultimately, if you are unhappy or unhealthy, you aren't able to give to anyone else.

Believe it or not, giving to yourself first is the best way to give to others too because you are able to give from a full and authentic place.

Do What You Love Video series are eight short videos to help you rediscover what you love and start manifesting it today without sacrificing being a nice person.   

Isn't it time to put you first for a change?

Don't worry, it won't take much time.  You can do this and then help other people do it too!  Check out how in the next video in your inbox tomorrow.

Sending you  joyful blessings and much love,


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