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Inexplicable Joy and More Than Doubled my Income

Bill Mueller

I’ve been feeling almost an inexplicable joy throughout the day and it’s been fueling my effort that’s allowed me to get a lot more done and none of it feels like drudgery.

I can see now how doing the clearing processes really does let my True-Self come through and as result I am accomplishing a lot more. I should also tell you that I’m having my best month ever in terms of income.

We aren’t even at the end of the month yet and I’ve already beaten my best month by a long shot. I made about 55% more this month than in any other previous month and that’s a pretty big deal for me. Now that I’m learning the processes with your help I really feel the sky’s the limit. So anyway I just wanted to let you know all this really worked and I really appreciate it. Thanks again.


Overcame Procrastination


I had a problem with procrastination for over ten years, and it had gotten worse. Most jobs around the house I would leave for months. Simple things like making a phone call or getting my car fixed I would easily put off. I would make an excuse or find something else to do instead.

Since working with Aryana (doing the Past Perception Revision process) on my procrastination, I don’t do it anymore. I am constantly doing what I need to do on an ongoing basis, effortlessly with zero drama. I am at peace when I do things, and I am fully committed to doing a good job and in no big hurry unless necessary. Part of the process was choosing all that as part of the desired outcome and retasking the cause/blocker to work for me instead of driving the unwanted behaviour.

It’s very empowering.

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