Are you an ambitious, compassionate entrepreneur
doing ALL the right things, but income feels capped?

Watch the video below to understand how 
your unconscious dictates your income and even love.

Your Unconscious Mind Holds the Key to 
Unlocking Your Income Potential

What will be possible when you...

Identify the link between making more money
and the stored fear in the cells of your body?

Remove the subliminal programming that
blocks the growth of your income?

Open your heart to receive more love in your life?

Move past financial barriers?

Find out how in our self-paced video course.
Keep reading to find out more.

Session 1: Recognize How Unconscious Performance Limits Stop You

  • Discover YOUR Triggers
  • Liberate yourself from past mistakes
  • Embrace new opportunities

Session 2: Tap into the Power of Your Unconscious Mind to Resolve Past Limitations

  • Learn body awareness to resolve blockers to growth
  • Heal negative mental and emotional programming
  • Overcome your emotional performance limits
  • Transform your past failures into your future success

Session 3: Elevate Your Self-Worth and Expand Your Capacity for Love and Wealth

  • Discover your earning limitations
  • Find out your financial thermostat and raise it
  • Elevate your self-esteem
  • Increase your capacity for more love and joy in your life
  • Clear the blockers that prevent you from loving and accepting yourself
  • Learn the Past Perception Revision Process to heal old emotional wounds that block your happiness

Session 4: Learn How to Live a Life Free of Performance Limits

  • Prevent the formation of new Performance Limits
  • Discover how your self-image impacts your ability to achieve goals
  • Reduce overwhelm and never overcommit again
  • Get your zest for life back
  • Focus on what fulfills you

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Breaking Through Barriers!

True Self Grounding Meditation

Use this simple, yet effective tool to meet your Higher Self and disconnect from the stress of the day and re-connect with your inner truth. This 5-minute process will serve you for years to come.
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Guided Meditation

In less than 30 minutes you will feel recharged and like a new person. This guided meditation helps you sleep better and empowers you from the inside out. (Value $17)

"I want to tell you that as I was looking at the Breaking through Barriers material, I had the strange feeling of being "de-hypnotized." like I am walking around in some sort of semi-trance stage or something and the material is sort of bumping me out of it." - Mike Kraemer

 “My team took Aryana’s Breaking Through Barriers program, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. It helped us align as people and gave us a common language and approach for deep communication. Companies who want to build resonant hearts should consider working with her.” - Staci Paley, Founder & CEO of Got Your Back Solution

Breaking Through Barriers Home study

$359 Instant Access

Get 3 Private Mentoring Sessions with Aryana

If you thrive with personal support, then upgrade to VIP for just $500 (savings of $250).

In these 30-minute private sessions, I can shorten your learning curve.  I will guide you through implementation of the Breaking through Barriers tools and personalize it to your life situation.

- Tap into Aryana's intuition to identify your biggest blocks

- Connect with new possibilities for your life

- Write out your higher vision & anchor it in your heart

- Become conscious of hidden blocks
- Give you access to more joy, love, energy, and wealth

Together we will design a special plan just for you to overcome limitations and be unstoppable in your life.  

Your investment is just $500 for VIP coaching.

Meet your Guide - Aryana K. Rollins

Aryana K Rollins

Since 2005 Aryana K. Rollins has been an Intuitive Guide and Success Coach known for her expertise in facilitating personal and professional transformations. She guides entrepreneurs on a spiritual path to establish businesses that thrive and contribute positively to society.

Aryana's special skill is guiding you to:

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  • Get unstuck and be unstoppable
  • Move boldly into the future you want to create
  • Getting what you want becomes natural and easy
  • Feel free of self-doubt and excited about your future