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Power to

Power to Focus is a program that empowers entrepreneurs to pinpoint their most profitable ventures, enabling them to ditch unproductive projects and increase revenue by working on projects aligned with their values. The program suits people who want to  turn procrastination into constructive habits and achieve success.

Price: $697
40% Commission: $278

Mindful Manifesting

By blending the principles of mindfulness with manifestation techniques, Mindful Manifesting assists entrepreneurs in accomplishing their objectives. This program is ideal for those seeking to enhance their mindset, reach their targets, and live a more balanced, satisfying life.

Price: $697
40% Commission: $278

Breaking Through

This program solves the problem of entrepreneurs doing ALL the right things, but their income is capped. It helps them identify the unconscious triggers that block their income—identifying the unconscious link between making more money and the stored fear in the cell of their body. They apply a profound tool to increase their income by 30% on average.

Price: $359
40% Commission: $143

Support you get
as my affiliate

Our work has been described as a combination of Tony Robbins and Eckhardt Tolle.  Our unique programs are inspired by Cybernetic Transposition which is a method to gain harmony between our mind and body so that we follow through on our goals.

Our clients are ambitious and yet they don't want to force and pressure themselves to accomplish their goals. They want success but won't sacrifice their relationships or health. They want to learn how to tune into their intuition and get things done from a place of presence and ease.  

Benefits clients get from our programs:
- let go of failures so they can accept themselves
- permanently resolve self-defeating patters
- accomplish their nearly impossible goals without forcing

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About Aryana K. Rollins

Since 2005, she's taught people how to elevate their self-worth and personal manifesting power. Aryana works with ambitious, compassionate entrepreneurs and creatives. They want to make money in their business but are overwhelmed by bright shiny objects requiring more focus. Even though they set aside time to grow their business but their mindset or demands of life distract them. They think that the issue is another marketing program or some quick fix. She guides them to access their higher mind, which brings their unique expression, authenticity, and presence to their work, so the right clients FIND them, and their income increases.

Aryana’s particular skill is guiding you to:

  • Transform unconscious sabotaging blocks into success habits.
  • Get unstuck and be unstoppable force for good.
  • Develop your intuition and listen to it.

If you have any further questions, please schedule a call.

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