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Hi! Im Aryana Rollins

Here is the story behind 
Higher True Self life change training and me.

Aryana Rollins

"We are meant to be like children, open, freely expressed, generous, playful and loving. When we add the wisdom that we gain from life experience, we become fulfilled, spiritually evolving humans who are happy, peaceful and successful."

Aryana K Rollins

Where it all started

“In 1975, I entered Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach, California.  It felt like a prison — definitely not a safe place.  Luckily I was blessed with a dad who understood, respected, and championed my independent spirit, and at 16 I was able to sidestep high school altogether via the High School Equivalency Exam.  This was a pivotal event, because it allowed me to escape much of the conditioning that occurs at that formative age, when young people are driven to “fit in”.

That was just the beginning of a unique life that started me on the road to forming the Higher True Self.

At 16, I lived in London.  Then I moved to Phoenix.  Then I ended up in upstate New York.  At 18, I was hungry for knowledge and life experience. So I enrolled in a community college.  I took algebra for the first time!  I was the kid in the front row at 8:00 a.m. classes, I made the Dean’s List which qualified myself enough to go to University.

After graduation I immigrated to England.  By leaving the United States, I gained a fresh perspective.  For the first time, I saw the effects of conditioning based on our nationality.

In 1987, I joined an esoteric group and learned how to live in alignment with spirit. I diligently studied Eastern thought, which included Taoism, the Bhagavad-Gita, the Upanishads, the works of Krishnamurti, Ouspensky, and Gurdjieff.  For the first time, I felt a sense of meaning and purpose to life.

Nearly six years later, I met my soon-to-be husband. We started up the first cellular phone company in Caracas, Venezuela together. I learned how to speak Spanish. I deliberately avoided the ex-patriot community in favor of experiencing the warmth and wisdom of the local people.  When our contract ended, we moved to Princeton, New Jersey.  It was a culture shock.

I got married and became a mother, which was a surprise because I never thought I’d do either. As a mother, I didn’t follow a conventional path. I wanted to do something different as a parent. I birthed my son at home.  I home schooled him too. We didn’t watch TV or listen to the radio.  I wanted him to grow up aligned with his True Self.

When my son was six years old, my husband and I discovered we were on different paths and decided to divorce.  I needed to reinvent myself. That’s when I discovered Cybernetic Transposition (CT)*.

Cybernetic Transposition enabled me to integrate all my spiritual studies into my life.

Cybernetic Transposition reunited me with True Self. I learned to be productive in the world without losing my center and inner peace. I realized I was the creator of my life experience. I finally knew and accepted myself.

I now had two-way communication with my Higher Self. It opened up an inner world of intuition, creative self-expression and a sense of fulfillment and joy I had never known.  I was tapping into the resources of my True Self.  Life became a joyful expression.

I became aware of how many people on a spiritual path suffer in the world.  Their open hearts and vulnerable sensitivity made it hard to survive let alone thrive in this dog eat dog world.  Such sweet souls didn’t have a chance to realize their dreams. These were the people I wanted to make a difference with. Teaching them what I have learned has become my life’s purpose.

This work became my passion I needed to learn everything I could about it. So I badgered, pleaded, begged and cajoled the founder of Cybernetic Transposition to train me to be one of the few Licensed Cybernetic Transposition Trainers. My persistence paid off. He agreed to take me under his wing as his first protege. In 2005, I was one of the first certified and licensed in Cybernetic Transposition trainers.

After 11 years of teaching CT, I am touched, amazed, and astounded at the transformation I witness in my students.
The Highest Potential Curriculum for Self-Mastery has helped my students in the following ways:

  • Achieving goals
  • Increasing their financial security
  • Inspiring enthusiasm for life
  • Developing trust and faith in themselves and life again
  • Reduce fear, doubt, and worry
  • Filling them with courage and confidence
  • Becoming empowered in their lives
  • Taking full responsibility for creating their lives as they choose it to be

    Find out what's possible if you had a constant connection to your Manifesting Power.

    Higher True Self - Life Change Training