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Aryana Rollins

Learn To Unlock and Trust Your Manifesting Power

I had a problem with procrastination for over ten years, and it had gotten worse. Most jobs around the house I would leave for months. Simple things like making a phone call or getting my car fixed I would easily put off. I would make an excuse or find something else to do instead.

Since working with Aryana (doing the Past Perception Revision process) on my procrastination, I don’t do it anymore. I am constantly doing what I need to do on an ongoing basis, effortlessly with zero drama. I am at peace when I do things, and I am fully committed to doing a good job and in no big hurry unless necessary. Part of the process was choosing all that as part of the desired outcome and retasking the cause/blocker to work for me instead of driving the unwanted behaviour.

It’s very empowering



I have worked with the SACP process since 2005 and really didn’t have a lot of understanding or much success with it. I started the online course and within 2 days of starting this program, I got a $25,000 client who came forward to pay. I had this client before but a lot of obstacles came up where she wasn’t able to pay the fee for my services. So when I started with Monique’s (Aryana’s) telecourse I was able to get payment. I love the way she teaches the course she really breaks things down in the simplest terms so you understand it, you get it. What I really love is that I wake up every day looking forward to doing the processes before I would get sleepy, watch tv, get on the phone, delay it, procrastinate. Now I look forward to doing it. So, it has been pretty cool, I really like this. If you want to manifest big things, big things, I strongly urge you to work with Monique (aka Aryana). I am a manifestor and she took my manifesting to another level. Get with Aryana.

Kimberly Jessy

Publicist and Author


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Higher True Self - Life Change Training